About Us: 

At Golborne Medical Centre, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and holistic NHS primary care services for all of our patient population. Aiding our patients in navigating all NHS services available to them and educating them on the myriad of community support available. Our aim is to not only care for our patient population but to empower them to take control of their own health:

  • By putting the patient experience at the core of our development 
  • Ensuring staff are trained to provide the latest patient information available 
  • Creating a safe and welcoming environment, where patients feel valued 
  • Bridging healthcare inequality gaps 


The Golborne Medical Centre works closely with our secondary healthcare and PCN (Practice Care Network) partners in West-Hill PCN, to ensure that coordinated patient support is maintained at all times.


New to the area? Click the link here to find out more about registering at Golborne Medical Centre and how the practice can help you attain control over your healthcare.